//Eid 1438

Eid 1438

There are many non profit organizations in and around Mogadishu that provide Iftar meals to the less fortunate, but there is non that run an Eid program. SOYVDA aspired to cover that gap as an extension of the Iftar program. Our interest was to provide clothing and Eid snacks for approximately 500 children in Mogadishu. This was the first such endeavour that aimed to put a smile on the young and the future stakeholders of Somalia through providing new clothing for children between the ages of 2-12 years.

These ages were chosen since in most poor families children at these ages suffer neglect due to an already over burdened family characteristic of poor households. It is also important to note that children between these ages are in the formative years of learning and perception. Consequently, they are bound to suffer psychologically due to this neglect.

The Eid program was one day event that targeted 500 children drawn from different areas who were benefited from new clothing in the spirit of Eid with other fortunate children. A team of volunteers was been prepared to go out to the field to undertake a survey of the most needy. The idea is to have equal numbers in gender 250 boys and 250 girls who shall benefit from the first SOYDVA’s Eid program.

SOYVDA provided the following to the selected children:



  • A shirt
  • A trouser
  • A pair of shoes



  • A long skirt (goono)
  • A blouse
  • A hijab
  • Sandals

In addition snacks was provided for the 5o0 children.

The Aim of the Eid program was to put a smile on the faces of hundreds of children who were not able to have the clothes for eid. Finally SOYVDA had able to give these children the opportunity to celebrate the eid with the children of their ages.


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