Somali Youth Volunteers for Development Association ( SOYVDA ), planned to implement BAXNAANI project which is a healthcare system for IDP during  2018-2019. The healthcare program that SOYVDA would like to carry out within the mentioned date is divided into two sectors. The first sector is the Primary health care which aims improvement in the level of health care in the community, Reduction in the prevalence of preventable communicable diseases, Reduction in morbidity and mortality rates especially among infants and children and finally Improvement in basic sanitation.  The second sector is the cataract campaign which will be done for the poor blind people. Who can no longer afford to pay the coast so that they will have their own vision back?

The BAXNAANI project will consist of Mobile clinic and community awareness team. The mobile clinic aims to bring high-quality health care directly to communities who lack access to basic health service. While the health awareness team aims to increase community health knowledge.

Our main vision towards BAXNAANI project is the following;-

  • Educating the community towards health problems, the methods of identifying, preventing and controlling them
  • The expanded programme of Immunizations against major infectious diseases.
  • Maternal and child health care including family planning
  • Essential drugs arrangement.
  • Nutritional food supplement, an adequate supply of safe and basic nutrition.
  • Safe water and sanitation.