Due to increased rainfall in the Juba and Shabelle basins in Somalia and neighboring Ethiopia, river water levels, which were extremely low between January and February 2018 have been steadily increasing since  March, and have now reached high flood risk/full bank levels and overflowing.

The Juba and Shabelle basins in Somalia and in the Ethiopian highlands continued to receive moderate to heavy rains during the first week of May. Continued heavy rains and high river levels have led to flooding at Beledwein City which currently exceeds a 50 year return period flood magnitude.

As soon as SOYVDA got a major boost from both the local and Somali diaspora community as well as our partners  ACT Association, we send a group of volunteers to respond to the recent floods that hit Beledwein city.

Our main approach was to respond to the floods by providing immediate aids like free Medical care, shelters, and mosquito nets. Since there were floods, people were at great risk of malaria outbreak. We used to provide free medical supplies for nearly five hundred people per day. Which means we able to provide free medical supplies to five thousand people.

Eventually, during the last days, we gave out shelters and mosquito nets to the IDPs.

In Conclusion, SOYVDA did outstanding work to immediately respond to the floods that hit beledwein city. As a part of humanitarian aid, SOYVDA will always ready to help the neediest ones.


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