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Somalia is one of the poor development countries due to continuous civil war in the past two decades. This has led the loss of functioning central government. The effect of state failure on human development in Somalia has been profound, resulting a massive internal and external immigration.  It is has been Said that Somali young people aged between 14-29 make up 42% of the population. So giving them the right opportunity and support have the potential to become a major drive for peace and instability.

SOYVDA which is the largest volunteer organization in Somalia is planning to launch Youth Development program. The program aims to give Somali youth the right to acquire the tools, knowledge, and skills to build better lives for themselves and their families by participating in youth development programs.

We need to encourage the movement of young people through our youth development program which includes the following:-

  • Capacity building workshops
  • Conflict resolution programs
  • Training towards Leadership skills
  • Encouraging youth in civic engagement programs
  • Business startup.