//Life Skill for Success Training for 70 Plus Youth in Mogadishu

Life Skill for Success Training for 70 Plus Youth in Mogadishu

It’s estimated that around 73% of Somali population are under the age of 30 years, and this shows why Somalia has the largest proportion of youth in the world. Youth are the backbone of every society, if we didn’t invest them well, they might be used in creating conflicts. Somalia, as a country that has been under conflict for many years, youth were pivotal for that conflict, which means that, they have been used and recruited for civil wars on one hand and being victims of conflict on the other hand.

Unemployment is one of the key challenges that many Somali Youth are currently facing. This is for both literate (Graduates) and illiterate youth. Youth that are internally displaced (IDPs) are considered as the most marginalized groups. Because not only they don’t have the necessary skills that will allow them to work and succeed in life. But, they might also (more specifically girls) in a great risk of early marriage, early pregnancies and other traditional practices. In efforts to respond the local needs of the youth, Save The children In Somalia is implementing “Economic and Social Empowerment of Youth (EASEY) in Somalia.  SOYVDA as a local partner with Save the Children Somalia, is very blessed to facilitate life Skill for Success Training for local youth in Mogadishu.


Youth demonstrating Unity














The project will support the economic empowerment of a significant number of young people that not in employment, education, or training (NEET) who live in Mogadishu, Garowe, and Baidoa towns. Employers greatly value life skills, becoming even more critical with the rapidly changing nature of work. Life Skills for Success (LS4S) common approach is to develop foundational skills, competencies, behaviors, attitudes and unique qualities that enable young people to be useful to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well and achieve their goals. The LS4S Training focuses a five set of skills that are transferable, these skills includes, Communication skills, Higher order thinking Skills, Positive self-concept, Self-control and social skills.

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The main objective of this training was as follows:

  • To inform youth about soft skills that they are needed at work and life
  • To enable youth clients to effectively navigate their environment, build networks, and improve their employability opportunities
  • To receive 5 set of transferable skills which includes communication skills, problem solving, Self-control, Positive self-concept and Social skills.
  • To support young people to succeed in work and life.

Participants playing activities that promotes resolving conflict















The training employed participatory and adult learning approaches to transfer knowledge and skills to the participants. The training also used small group discussions, pairing and action planning to allow for critical interchange of ideas, to stimulate learning. The following methodology was actively exercised: Brief key messages and active participation, Brainstorming, Role Plays, Games, Stories, Drawings, Group work and Demonstration.



















Eventually, the participants really enjoyed receiving soft skills training that will enable them to succeed in work and life. They were interesting the skills they learnt and so much passionate about the overall topics that were covered during the training. They were looking forward to the next step of their journey. SOYVDA extends its appreciation for the kind collaboration with our partner Save the Children Somalia, and looking forward any future collaboration that can contribute positive impact or changes in our community.



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