//Inter-School Sports Tournaments for Youth in ABE Centers

Inter-School Sports Tournaments for Youth in ABE Centers

As a part of our “Soft Skills Development and Empowerment of Youth in ABE Centers in Hirshabelle Project” and to ensure that there are quality outdoor recreational opportunities provided for school children in newly liberated areas in Hirshabelle. Under USAID funded Bar ama Baro program, SOYVDA in close partnership with Creative Associate International organized an Inter-School sports Tournament for youth in ABE centers. The tournament took place from 22 May to 08 June 2024 in three districts namely Balcad, Mahas, and Moqokori, bringing together young school athletes to showcase their football skills and sportsmanship. The tournament featured youth clubs from 32 schools across three districts, competing in a knockout format.


  • Promote Sportsmanship: Encourage students to participate in sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Encourage Team Spirit: Develop teamwork and collaboration among youth students.
  • Enhance Youth Interaction: Provide a platform for students from different schools to interact and build friendships.


Around 456 students from 32 schools in three different districts participated in the tournament. In Balcad, the registered youth were 368 students from 24 schools. In Mahas and Moqokori, the number of registered youth was 88 students from 4 schools in each district. The average age group among the youth was between 12 – 17 years.

Tournament Format

Knockout Stages: The tournament used single-elimination knockout matches to progress to the next round.

Methodology Used During the Tournament

During the tournament, to ensure an equitable and enjoyable experience for all youth participants, SOYVDA followed the following process of selecting youth participants and organizing the draw for youth sports in all selected districts:A.   Selection Process

The selection process for the inter-school sports tournament in Hirshabelle involved several stages, each designed to identify and invite the most suitable youth clubs based on the following criteria.

  • Eligibility Criteria

Age Group and Grades: Participants must fall within a specific age range to ensure fair competition. For example in Balcad, all the school heads also agreed that youth participants should be from Grade eight and below.

Team Composition: For youth team sports, the composition of the team is important. The tournament committee set a ground rule which includes the number of players and adherence to any special requirements set by the tournament organizers.

B.   Registration Process (See attached Annex I)

Registration Form: School heads were asked to fill out the registration form that includes the Name of the students, school name, age, and grade.

Submission Deadline: The committee set a strict deadline for registration to ensure adequate time for the review process

C.   Selection Committee

Formation: A committee comprising Representatives from SOYVDA, district education and sports authorities, and creative was formed.

D.   Draw Process (See attached Annex II)

The draw process for inter-school sports tournaments involves randomly assigning youth teams to different groups or brackets, ensuring a fair and transparent competition structure. The organizing team planned for the tournament to be knockout. The results of the draw were communicated to all school heads through official channels such as a What’s App group.

E.   Schedule Release:

Along with the draw results, the tournament schedule, including dates, times, and venues of matches, is released to allow youth teams adequate time for preparation (See attached).

F.    Procuring Sports Equipment (See attached III).

By following a structured process, SOYVDA procured all the necessary sports equipment which are available, safe, and ready for use, contributing to a smooth and enjoyable tournament experience for all participants.

Further, Key messages for continued education peace, and citizenship were also printed, translated, and promoted during the inter-school tournament and throughout the project period.



  • In Balcad: Alpha 1 school Secured the championship with a 2:0 victory in the final.
  • In Mahas: Mahas School won 1:0 over Teedan School
  • In Moqokori: Moqokori A school won 5 – 4 Against Moqokori B school

Highlights from the Tournament

Opening Ceremony: In Balcad, the tournament was inaugurated by the district sports commissioner, who emphasized the importance of sports in education. During his speech, Mr. Aweis Kabila stated that “Sports is an integral part of youth integration”. He also added by appreciating the organizing team for their tireless effort to bring together youth from Balcad and its outskirts villages. Further, Mr. Abdirizak from the district education authority thanked to the district sports team for their overall support and facilitation to conduct the tournament. Moreover, Mr. Mohamed from SOYVDA Mentioned that the tournament aims to promote the integration of youth in different schools and promote sportsmanship among youth in ABE centers in Hirshabelle.

On the opening day: Two matches were played. The first match was between Imaamu Nawawi vs. Alpha 1 School, which ended in a 5-3 victory for Alpha 1 School, setting the tone for their dominance. The second match was between Horseed and Balcad School, where Balcad School won 5 – 1.


The Inter-School Sports Tournament was a great success in Hirshabelle, achieving its objectives of promoting sportsmanship and fostering teamwork. The tournament not only provided a platform for the youth athletes but also encouraged sportsmanship among the participants. The tournament highlighted the depth of young footballers’ talent in the selected districts.


  • Expand Participation: Include more schools and possibly introduce a group stage to ensure more playtime for each team.
  • Organize Training Camps: Organize training camps for identified talents to further hone their skills.
  • Enhance Local Support: Seek more sponsorships and support from local businesses to enhance the quality of the tournament.

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