//World Environment Day 2024

World Environment Day 2024

The occasion of World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th every year. The event aimed to engage youth in ABE canters and promote the role of youth in climate change actions. The day was filled with educational and fun activities to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our environment. During the day, several activities included tree planting, school compound clean up, and other activities that will foster environmental stewardship. The event was conducted at Balcad Primary and Secondary School. Around 100 students from different classes attended the event. The following were the key activities conducted:

Morning Assembly:

The day began with a special morning assembly where students could understand basic information about the environment. SOYVDA team gave a speech highlighting the significance of World Environment Day and the role students can play in environmental conservation. Mr. Mohamed from SOYVDA mentioned that each year, the event has a significant theme to promote awareness about specific environmental issues and discuss solutions to combat these global topics. Continuing his speech, Mohamed stated that In 2024, World Environment Day’s theme will focus on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience under the slogan ‘Our land. Our future.’

Environmental education session:

Following different speeches made by different teachers, an awareness raising session focusing on various environmental topics such as recycling, conservation, and wildlife protection was held. Students were also taught about the impact of pollution and ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Further, Interactive sessions i.e. demonstrations of key messages about the environment were also held.

Tree Planting Session:

Then followed by an exciting tree planting session where Students from each grade participated in planting trees around the school premises. Each tree was labeled with the name of the class that planted it, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among the students. Students were also encouraged to look after the trees they planted and ensure environmental protection and conservation.

School Compound Clean Up:

The students were challenged to do a scavenger hunt and clean up litter around the school. It was a group challenge where students were divided into small groups. This was a great way to teach youth in ABE not to litter the environment with harmful plastics. To ensure their safety, students were given protective gloves and a large waste bag to collect litter from around the school grounds. The team who has collected the most rubbish can be rewarded with a fun gift.

Climate Action Pledge

This session aimed to have students take a climate action pledge where they explore and commit to actions, they can take to restore our environment. To do so, SOYVDA printed a pledge wall or classroom display where students could write their names and commitments on the wall.

In conclusion, the commemoration of World Environment Day was a great success, engaging students in meaningful activities that underscored the importance of environmental protection. The event not only educated the students but also inspired them to take action in their daily lives to help preserve our planet.

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