//Commemoration of Somali Youth Day 2024

Commemoration of Somali Youth Day 2024

Somali Youth Volunteers for Development Association (SOYVDA) with support from Creative International under USAID funded “Bar Ama Baro” Program has organized “The Commemoration of the Somali Youth Day; 15 May 2024” at City Hotel, in Jowhar – Somalia. During the commemoration of the Somali Youth Day, Representatives from different youth organizations, officials from the Hirshabelle Youth Ministry, House Representatives of Hirshabelle, the local youth organizations, university students, scholars, the regional and district authorities, Representative from school principals and other key stakeholders participated the event. The theme of this year was “Education Empowers Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders”.

The commencement of the event was facilitated by Safia Shukri from SOYVDA who welcomed the participants and introduced the significance of conducting such an important event. then the event started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Ali Nasir. Then the moderator welcomed a representative from Regional Administration Mr. Mohamed Tohow who officially opened the event.

Continuing a series of commemorative speeches, Teacher Tifow from Middle Shabelle School Union delivered an empowering speech. He urged youth to take proactive steps in their personal and community development, drawing inspiration from the historical transition from the Somali Youth Club (SYC) to the Somali Youth League (SYL). It’s worth mentioning that Teacher Tifow’s speech was a blend of historical reflection and forward-looking vision. He stated the differences between the youth of the past and present, particularly highlighting the technological advancements that present-day youth should leverage. Further, He concluded his speech with a personal note, saying, “I am not at the age of youth, but I would like to congratulate you by saying Happy Somali Youth Day. Moreover, I would also like to encourage youth to benefit from the technology and be change-makers in their community like SYL.” This statement served as a reminder that while he may not be young, however he stands in solidarity with the youth and their aspirations.

“On the occasion of the 15th of May, a day dedicated to the youth, I want to take this opportunity to call upon investing and prioritizing the development of young people,” said Mr. Mustaf, a Plasma University Student Union leader. Further, He also urged the significance of providing unwavering support and creating pathways that lead to success, ensuring that the youth are well-equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

During the commemoration event, SOYVDA organized a panel discussion titled “Unlocking Youth Potential through Education and Skill Development”. The panel debate brought together four influential voices from the community to discuss opportunities, challenges facing Somali youth, and way forward for the youth. The panelists included Rahmo from the youth organizations, Teacher Tifow from school principals, Osman Nor Dhaqane and Eng Abukar Riyash from the state Ministries of Education and Youth respectively.

The debate started on a positive note with each panelist acknowledging the strides made by the youth in various domains. Teacher Tifow praised the academic excellence and leadership roles that young people have taken on, while Eng Riyash highlighted the state Ministry of Youth’s initiatives that have led to business investments and skill development.

Ms. Rahmo representing youth organizations brought attention to the pervasive issue of nepotism, which has led to widespread disappointment among the youth, undermining their trust in the system and hindering meritocracy.

On the other hand, Mr. Osman Nor addressed the challenge of unemployment, announcing the recruitment of 400 teachers in the coming months, adding to the 3000 already recruited fairly and transparently by the Federal Ministry of Education. He encouraged youth to be ready and prepare for the examination, signaling a move towards greater employment opportunities in education.

Eng Riyash spoke about the way forward, emphasizing the need for continued investment in youth initiatives. He mentioned the importance of business investments, training, and skill development as key drivers for empowering the youth. “The Ministry of Youth’s commitment to these areas was clear, with a focus on providing the youth with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive environment” added Eng Riyash.

The panelists agreed that while there have been significant achievements, unemployment remains a critical hurdle. The way forward requires a collective effort from all sectors of society to create a supportive ecosystem for the youth. This includes addressing systemic issues like nepotism, expanding employment opportunities, and continuing to invest in the development of skills that are relevant in today’s job market.

Eventually, the panel discussion concluded with a unified call to action for the concerned stakeholders like the policymakers, UN agencies that work in youth programs, donors and international organizations and educators, to work collaboratively towards the development of the youth, ensuring that they have the opportunities and support needed to thrive and contribute to the nation’s progress.

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